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"the best poet of the young generation" - Waly Salomão

"a breath of fresh air" - Robert Creeley

"Dear brother, I bless you. You are a true poet, not only for your verses but also for your character" - Yevgeny Yevtushenko

"The first poems pleased me and encouraged me to continue reading.... There is no doubt that this is the book of a poet, and that is what matters" - Ferreira Gullar

"What impressed me the poetry of Narlan Matos Teixeira was his consummate art of dealing with the word, his servant and his accomplice, in the creation of unexpectedly beautiful things, hard to find every day." - Herberto Sales

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Narlan Poet

NARLAN MATOS (Itaquara, Bahia, 1975) – One of Brazil’s most famous young poets. According to the International Writing Program, University of Iowa, “Narlan Matos is perhaps his country’s most promising poet”. At the age of 21, he published his first poetry book Ladies and Gentleman: the Dawn!, which won the Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado (Jorge Amado House Foundation) in 1997. His second poetry book In the Campsite of the Shades won his first national award: the XEROX Award for Brazilian Literature in 2000. In 2002, he participated of the University of Iowa International Writing Program, as guest of the State Department through the the International Visitors Leadership Program. His poetry has called the attention of legendary poets like Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Robert Creeley, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Tomaz Salamun. His third poetry book Elegy to the New World, published by 7Letras Publishers – the best one in Brazil -  has been already translated into several languages and it has been chosen as one of the best poetry books of 2012,  also nominated for the prestigious Portugal /Telecom International Award. Dr. Eleuterio Diaz, from the University of New Mexico, wrote a long essay about this book stating that it has inaugurated a new Latin American avant-garde. He participates actively in various literary programs and festivals in the United States and Europe and is the recipient of numerous literary and artistic accolades. His poetry has been translated into Slovenian, English, Lithuanian, Japanese, Hindi, Swedish, Italian and Spanish. He holds a masters degree from the University of New Mexico and a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. In 2014, one of his chronicles was read on the Danish National Radio.  Currently, he is an adjunct professor at Montgomery College, MA.


You ask me, my companion
Where had I been during my long silence

I was in the sweetness of the sugarcane and in the bitterness of the sugar cane plantation
Where the leaves trembled of fear of mankind

The sugar cane plantation whispered in violent screaming
The sweet blood that has sweetened its mouth
The stern hands that dried its physiognomy
The sugar cane plantation that died of malnourishment before the age of 30
The voices without stars that rocked it to the distance strange languages
Oh, green plantation! What color is the wine in my blood?
My blood is scared of death of the whipping of the night
My blood is scared of me

You ask me, my companion
Where had I been during my long silence

I was in the merchant ships
That traded my destiny to the Americas
Drank the legends of my people just like a barrel of rotten rum
Traded every star in the sky and in the infinite sea
Each bird each feather in my cockade
And drew maps with my blood
And erected totems over my tribe
And set fire in the sacred fields of my people
And their lances split my veins into different continents

You ask me, my companion
Where had I been during my long silence

I was by the foam of the seas never sailed
From where gun powder bayonet mirror tuberculosis and syphilis came
From where the sword and the elm came
- The clouds will never forget that!

In the black Atlantic
In the calaboose of old pirate ships
In the calaboose of human degradation
In the prisons of Sierra Leona – which still ache somewhere in my body
In Angola
In Guinea Bissau
In Senegal
In Benin

I was in Guatemala
And in the Yucatan Province
And in the Cartagena de las Indias Province
And in the Great Kingdom and Great Province of Peru
And in the New Kingdom of Granada
And in the Islands of Trinidad
And in the Kingdom of the Aztecs
Where swords of gold and mud split my naked soul
Where the hunting dogs of the barons of the Indies were fed with arms and legs of native children

You ask me, my companion
Where had I been and only now I can break my silence:
I was with myself.

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Elegia ao Novo Mundo e outros poemas (Elegy to the New World and other poems).

by Narlan Matos | 7 Letras 2012

   No Acampamento das Sombras

No Acampamento das Sombras. (In the Campground of the Shadows)

by Narlan Matos | Cone Sul 2001

Winner of Xerox Award for Brazilian Literature (2001)

  Senhoras e Senhores

Senhoras e senhores: o amanhecer (Ladies and Gentlemen: the Sunrise)

by Narlan Matos | Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado 1997

Winner of the Braskem Award from the Jorge Amado House Foundation (1997)

 Anthologies Including Narlan Matos

  Poetry of Mens Lives

The Poetry of Men's Lives: an International Anthology.

Edited by F. Moramarco & A. Zolynas | University of Georgia Press 2004.

Includes poem “My Father’s House”

  Midia Poesia

Media Poesia 2. (Media Poetry 2)

Governo do Estado da Bahia 2005

Includes poem “Às vésperas da felicidade” (“The eve of happiness”).


Four Poems by Narlan Matos (Exquisite Corpse; 2011)

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Narlan and Ferlinghetti
Narlan and Lawrence Ferlinghetti


2014: Narlan Matos honored in the top Italian Poetry journal, Poesia.

2013: Narlan Matos was an Invited Participant at the Södermalms Poesifestival in Stockholm, Sweden

2012: Narlan Matos represented Brazil at the Bilingual reading at Druskininkai International Fall Poetic Festival - Video1 - Video2

2011: Narlan Matos participates in “Com a Palavra o Escritor” (Word with the Writer) Program at the Jorge Amado House Foundation. Story in Portuguese.
2011: Narlan Matos becomes a member of the Jequié Academy of Letters. Story in Portuguese.